Law Firm Management Documentation

All action take in the operation of a law firm should be broken down into processes and procedures and then put into manuals. Of all areas of a firm, management process, procedures and documentation is critical. Law firms tend to continually re-invent the wheel and provide no consistent way of doing things. They leave knowledge in the heads of others. Making decisions to change the way things are done tend to be done on the fly.

Catalyst analyzes where you are and helps you implement a plan to document all of your management processes and procedures that provide stability for the firm, the executive management team, and your employees. It develops an organizational plan for contracts, tracking, and key supportive issues that need defined for Risk Management of firm management knowledge. We teach your people how to do this.

One strong portion of Risk Management is nothing more than putting into play processes and procedures that can be audited by the leadership of the firm to make sure that the firm is running internally in such a manner as to ensure profitability.

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