Law Firm Management Team Design

Organization Structure

Defining the firm’s organizational structure is crucial from the start. Whether you are a small firm that has a part-time office manager or a large firm with an executive management team, Catalyst steps in and begins teaching the highest form of leadership, self-mastery, and management skills. Your management team must understand what it means to be management.  We teach them to identify their customer (the lawyers and firm members) and how to best to deliver a job well done.   Along with teaching management thought process skills, Catalyst helps the management team learn the art of managing its resources in a best business practice way. Management must be cost-effective and cost conscious. They must be leaders and teachers as well. They control the foundation of the firm. Catalyst becomes an advisor and mentor to your management team.

Boot Camps

In addition, Catalyst holds boot camps throughout the year at its corporate headquarters where law firm management teams can attend to sharpen their skills and begin to develop the art of being an executive level manager.

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