Cost Control Within A Legal Practice

Riding the past few years with the economy has caused many law firms simply to fall into a state of panic, riding the roller coaster with eyes shut.  Ignoring rising HR costs coupled with increased technology, uninformed marketing, and ignoring best business practices law firm costs are out of control.

Catalyst believes in its “Wants or Needs” cost control programs.

Want:  Something that the owner desires, believes will help, thinks it is a good idea, something no one else has, and provides instant gratification.

Need.  A cost expenditure that will affect the firm survival and is part of the strategic plan.

Catalyst teaches law firms to control costs by focusing on long term firm survival coupled with responsible review of expenditures.   We take the personal out of the costs of the law firm and bring it into line with the generation of revenue as it grows.

Revenue Generation
Profit Centers
Other Areas of Profitability

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