Law Firm Revenue Generation

Most of our website visitors start first with this page.  Whether you like to admit it or not you are in the business of making a profit.  We have never found a law firm who made that part of their mission statement and it should be.  The first step is to take a long hard look at what is going on in your firm.

Catalyst looks to the past to see historical data that has shown revenue generation, from what sources, and how it has impacted the firm. If your systems allow we create Catalyst trending reports to show you the growth of the firm in a more realistic way.

We make strong recommendations on revenue tracking that allows you at all times to see the true picture of the firm.

What we don’t do is stay in the past.  We look at cases costs, futuristic thinking, and whether or not you are maximizing your clients with early stage billing to case movement to delivery fees.  We look at work productivity and the abilities of your revenue generators.  We want to see if you are maximizing your efforts or you are stalled in a non-revenue generating thought process.

We believe in revenue goals for your revenue generators with a built in reward if they achieve the goals.

We never forget that at the end of the day, your return on investment  is what counts.

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