Law Firm Member Retention

Nothing is more costly to a law firm then to have a valuable firm member leave.  We teach our clients how to be employee retention firms.   Before it gets to that point there are many things that can be done.   Sometimes it takes an outside viewpoint to see the problem.

Compensation Analysis

The 21st Century Law Firm has to have a think outside the box viewpoint of its most costly part of its budget; its human resources.  Catalyst has the ability to review and analyze your HR costs and make recommendations and suggestions on future growth and development that can reduce HR costs through effect use of resources

Firm HR Manuals

We call them Guiding Principles!  Catalyst has a strong belief that less rules are better.   We do not provide employment law advice.   What we do believe is that when you develop guiding principles with simple clear rules your employees perform better in a high performance environment.  We will help you develop written desirable work traits and help you turn it into a Guiding Principal Manual.

Job Description Designs

Catalyst is a strong proponent of clear job descriptions that provides specific details,   duties and responsibilities coupled with lines of authority.   Catalyst helps design job descriptions that work for your firm taking into account its years of experience in developing work teams in law firms.

Mentoring Management

We can be on on-going resource for the management team in dealing with employee issues.  Sometimes having been there, done that helps in finding solutions for motivation of employees.

Improvement Surveys

Catalyst has designed in-house surveys where employees are asked to help evaluate their supervisors. This is done in a non-threatening atmosphere that provides the firm and the supervisors with an understanding of how they are doing with their job and what employees may want that is unknown.

Creating Postive Work Cultures

Everyone has theories over how to make work fun.  What we do is provide solutions for developing inter-active settings that allow firm members to take time to enjoy each other and learn a few things along the way.  From our ‘egg maker’ to our ‘airplane trip’, Catalyst can find ways to help you create a positive work culture.

Soaring Eagles

We candidly admit those firms who make us available to their firm members to develop some personal and professional goals is part of what we like best.  By providing us as a resource for your firm members they believe you are interested in their personal success and want to make you successful as well.  Investing in your most valuable asset is a no-brainer.

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