Integrated Marketing for Law Firms

Integrated Law Firm Marketing

Truth:  If you don’t integrate your marketing channels and programs, you’re wasting marketing dollars. We’ve watched clients throw good money after bad because they don’t understand how to integrate their marketing so the different elements overlap and feed off each other creating better return on investment.

To achieve marketing success, all marketing efforts must be integrated to deliver the same consistent message, whether it’s in printed form, on the web, or in traditional media.  In addition to integrating the message, your marketing should move people to take action and push for an action. For instance, a client e-newsletter might ask to click here to read more, moving the person to the website where they are able to learn more about the firm. Books may be promoted in newsletters, on blogs, Facebook, etc.

We’ve watched as some of our clients have attempted to handle their marketing piece-meal with numerous vendors, and we’ve see them get the same tired advice, most of which fails to deliver an acceptable return on investment. We realize that effective law firm marketing requires a 360-degree viewpoint where you are in position to maximize each piece of your plan. Catalyst provides integrated marketing to our clients, as well as client relationship and client advocacy programs.

We’re a 360 total solutions package that is guided by you and your firm. We don’t provide cookie cutter marketing solutions, but customize packages to meet your firm’s needs. Our marketing team includes Jeanne Frazer and Ian Huckabee, both of whom have achieved strong success in law firm marketing.  We’ve built an integrated marketing team that also includes our management team, industry thought leaders and strategic thinkers, and our attorney owner mentors. The Catalyst dynamic team sits with you to create a total solutions package to market your firm.

Research, Planning & Strategy

You cannot build a solid marketing foundation without understanding the current situation, your strengths and weaknesses and your competition. A sound strategic marketing plan is a must. This plan will aide your firm in defining your goals and mapping out how you will achieve those goals. Marketing your law firm without a plan will most likely lead to spending more money than you budgeted and, ultimately, failing to meet your goals.

The Catalyst team can help your firm with research, planning and strategy to ensure success. We create the strategic marketing plan, provide you with a high level budget, and help you control your marketing dollars. One or more of our experienced marketing specialists will act as your marketing director. You never have to deal with a marketing sales call again. Direct them to us. We manage your brand and deliver a strong and effective message to the right channels and programs that best leverage your firm.

Branding & Creative

Your brand represents who you are, and the quality of the creative used in your marketing efforts tells your clients and prospects that attention to detail is important to you. The Catalyst team can assist with everything from logo and brand development to creative and production for online ads, print ads, and television.

Web Strategy

For the majority of consumers, the Internet is now the “go-to” resource for information. It is no longer enough to just have a basic website. You must optimize your site for the search engines and gear your online marketing strategies – from online advertising, blogging, article publication, press releases, etc. – to ensure prospects can find you. Your web strategy is a key component of a complete integrated marketing plan.

Referral Marketing

The absolute BEST marketing tool is a referral from a happy client. Referrals are also one of the least expensive ways to get new clients. There are a number of options available to keep in touch with current and past clients through a structured client relationship management program. The trick is to encourage this group to be advocates for your law firm – to become “mini-marketers”.

Your attorney-peers may also have occasion to refer clients or prospects to other law firms. And professionals like CPA firms, chiropractic offices or physical therapists are frequently asked if they can recommend a good law firm. Formal programs geared toward educating these groups on your services and qualifications are a great way to draw new business. A referral program is an absolute must for every law firm.

PR & Reputation Management

Information sharing in today’s world takes place at lightning speed. Traditional press releases still have a place, but there are other tools that must now be in your marketing took kit, as well. Whether it’s on your website or blog, you’ve got to make it easy for others to share information about your firm. And you must monitor and respond – “join the conversation”, as it were. From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, your clients (and others) can quickly and easily tell others that they are very happy with your firm; unfortunately, the flip side is also true – when they are unhappy, everyone knows about it right away. It’s important today to have tools available to monitor discussions about your firm and attorneys. A social media response plan is also required. Catalyst is equipped to become  your PR and online reputation management firm. From everyday updates to crisis communications, our team can help.

Media & Mail Campaigns

Despite the growth of social media and online advertising, traditional mail and media channels can still be extremely effective. The Catalyst Integrated Marketing team is able to assist with everything from creative to implementation, no matter the marketing channel.

And if there is something you want to handle yourself, we offer a la carte services that provide you more flexibility.

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