Branding & Creative

Creating a firm identity is a serious step for your firm.   It is more than just a logo or a tag line.   It is about bringing who you are together with a consistent message in all of your marketing ventures.   Whether it is your web design, your stationery or your media or print ad campaigns, your brand and marketing message must be integrated and consistent across channels and platforms.   We begin by taking our entire strategy team and our experience as managers, owners, and marketing gurus, and work with you create a look and a brand that represents your firm and feels right to you.

The Catalyst Integrated Marketing Team boasts talented people to create the right look, the right message and deliver your marketing message with high-quality, professional and consistent images in the materials you use on a daily basis.  With a solid understanding of goals and strategy, the team creates a clear and convincing picture that positions you as the the law firm of choice.

Our Basic Brand Marketing Package is designed to deliver a clear image of your firm coupled with high quality and professional materials. The package includes:

  • Logo creation
  • Message development
  • Firm brochure design
  • Business package design

Image is everything! Your brand is the building block for the rest of your marketing efforts. You cheat yourself and your firm if you settle for less than high-quality, professional results.

More on Creative

The quality of the creative used in your marketing campaigns can have a tremendous impact on the viewer. The creative must consistently carry through your brand and message and do so in a professional manner. Our team has provided high quality, award-winning creative for numerous clients. The creative doesn’t stop with your logo, but carries through to all segments of your marketing plan, including:

  • Print ads
  • Television commercials
  • Television news program Spotlight on the Law
  • Newsletters
  • Online ads and e-campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • Web video
  • Legal books
  • Website design

Again, integration is the key. The creative for all the pieces of your marketing campaign should support your brand and promote your message to draw the attention of your targeted audience.

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