Marketing for Attorneys: Media & Mail Campaigns

Finding the right strategist for media & print led us to Jeanne Frazer.  As part of our integrated marketing strategy team, Jeanne brings experience in working with law firms using printed media, television, outdoor, online, mail campaigns, radio advertising and more. She helps our clients tell their story through media and mail campaigns. We do not follow a set approach or prefer one channel over another. We do our research before we recommend the mix of channels to utilize for each campaign to achieve the best results.

The Catalyst Integrated Marketing team will work closely with you to understand your goals, target market(s) and message, then design a custom campaign that may incorporate elements like direct mail, TV commercials, news format TV, radio, print, internet, outdoor ads, or various other channels. In addition, we act as the gatekeeper of the marketing plan for our law firm partners. Simply refer all marketing related calls to our team to handle. Integrated marketing means keeping yourself  focused to be effective with every marketing dollar.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is an excellent way to target very specific niches or geographic areas with your message. The concept, graphic design, layout, photographs, copy writing, and list of a direct mail marketing piece are crucial to deliver the right message and the right image. Certain demographics respond quite well to direct mail campaigns; other groups may respond to online advertising with a direct mail piece to reinforce the messages they have seen online.


Television has proven to be an extremely effective medium for advertising. When properly done, the combination of visual images and audio can reinforce brand identity and motivate people to action. Commercials can be produced emphasizing specific niches or areas of expertise, or they can help brand your firm. Commercials are only one option for advertising your firm on television. An alternative gaining in popularity is the use of an educational, news-style program like Spotlight on the Law that positions your attorneys as the experts in your practice area.

Television is not for everyone, but if you decide this is the way you want to go, working with the right company and doing the right commercial or program can make or break your firm. Catalyst works with vitalink and the top video producers to create commercials that stand out from the pack and we place them for maximum impact, thus making every single dollar work harder.

Television advertising is evolving and you must be prepared to position yourself wisely. From DVR usage to the streaming of popular TV shows to your computer or other device, the industry is changing. Now is the time to discuss how your TV and video advertising options will effectively and efficiently integrate into your marketing plan.

Media Research, Negotiation, & Placement

Once you have decided to market your firm, the next step is determining the best way to allocate your budget to maximize ROI. Knowing the pros and cons of each media channel and how they work together, along with what elements are negotiable is crucial. We find lawyers simply don’t know how to say no to some “deals” and/or the trial and error can be costly.  They ignore the budget and buy into step-up purchasing, thinking they are getting the better deal.

Our company is experienced in all aspects of media research, planning, negotiation, value added, placement, and reconciliation of account billing, to ensure that you get the best deals possible. The media outlets typically pay a 15% agency commission, which does not impact your cost.

* In the event a media outlet does not offer agency commission, you will be billed the 15% commission.

Print Ad Campaigns

Print ad concepts can be used in a variety of mediums, including newspapers, magazines, trade publications, the Yellow Pages, billboards, etc. Your target market and message will both determine the type of print ad campaigns that would be most effective. The quality of your print ads sends a very clear message to the recipient about the type of law firm you are. In almost all cases, print campaigns will be integrated with other marketing channels as part of an overall strategy.

Yellow Page placement is costly and intends to increase year by year. Some of our clients still get good results from their Yellow Page advertising, many are downsizing, while others prefer to cut back to in-column listings and use the “found” budget for more active means to generate leads.


Radio is another way to effectively target your desired audience. As with television, commercials can be produced emphasizing specific areas of expertise, or in a broader firm-based approach.  Alternately, appearing as a guest speaker on a local talk show can brand your attorneys as experts in their field. Working in your local area, we find effective ways to brand you in the radio market.

Specialty (or Logo) Merchandise

Specialty items run the gamut from high-end to inexpensive. They can be used internally for your own staff (leather portfolios with an embossed logo, for example), or as prospective client giveaways. We offer literally thousands of specialty merchandise options, from briefcases to shirts, hats, mugs, pens, refrigerator magnets, stress balls, and more. Each object can be personalized with your firm’s logo and/or message. Logo items are a great option to keep your firm’s name in front of the client or prospect.

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