Referral Marketing for Law Firms

Catalyst-designed client relationship marketing (CRM) programs for firms have shown time and time again that the best marketing combines free internal resources and the lowest cost, highest yield client relationship marketing. CRM helps spur referrals and sometimes repeat business. Plus, the CRM activities help you be of better service to your clients!

In addition to CRM referral marketing programs, many firms benefit from low cost professional relationship marketing (PRM) programs that help increase your referrals.

New Client Orientation Kit

The Client Orientation Kit is designed around the principle of client service. The package is intended to reinforce the clients’ positive perception of your firm, while providing them with information on the firm, the process, what they can expect, and a specialty item designed to help keep your name in front of them, all contained in a portfolio they can use to store all of their case papers.

Are Your Team Members Sending the Right Message?

One of the most forgotten areas of marketing is the men and women who work with you. There is an art to showcasing your firm through your team. Teaching them how to project themselves in a positive way reflects well upon the firm and helps solidify client relationships. Catalyst helps your firm develop programs that create venues for the lawyers and non-lawyers to write articles, make presentations, and create a positive image for the firm. When you get the names of your people out in public, the name of your firm is automatically spoken. Indeed, clients, potential clients, and even other law firms begin to see your members as the experts. Consumers respect firms who hire highly visible employees.

Clients As Mini-Marketers

Most law firms think client service is a given. This simply is not true. Until you develop an effective client service program, you are risking your firm’s reputation and potentially losing new clients. Every time a client refers someone to you, it is essentially free marketing. Unfortunately, lawyers do not always know how to encourage current and past clients to get out there and market the firm. In essence creating top of mind awareness for your firm with clients.

Our entire team has years of experience in creating programs that define and deliver extraordinary client service.  We analyze your firm and, with your help, create benchmarks for client service delivery.

Then we create processes that keep you in front of your clients even when the case is finished, maintaining top of mind awareness.  Client relationship marketing simply turns your clients into mini-marketers that will drive referrals to your firm.

  • Newsletters
  • E-Newsletters
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Birthday and Holiday Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Client Advisory Committees
  • Events

Remember, CRM is one of the most effective and lowest cost marketing options!

Even if you don’t accept a case from a potential client we can teach you how to turn them into fans of your firm with a few simple steps. This translates into positive reputation and referrals to others.

Peer & Professional Referrals

Not every client is a good fit for every law firm based on the type of case or practice areas. When a client is turned down, many will ask who should I call? This is why an attorney (peer) referral program is essential to encourage referrals to your firm. Likewise, other professionals (CPA’s, bookkeepers, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc.) are frequently asked by their clients for the name of a good law firm. Developing formalized peer and professional referral programs will help educate these professionals on exactly what types of cases your firm handles and outline your qualifications for serving those they might refer. These programs help foster good relationships, while creating top of mind awareness among professionals.

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