High Performance Training

Catalyst is known for its high performance training.   With a library of Catalyst designed courses for attorneys and non-lawyers, the goal is to teach your firm to achieve the highest form of performance through developed skills in personal and professional mastery.

Catalyst training touches on every aspect of developmental skills needed for today’s high performance law firm.  Interactive classes on communications, diversity, professionalism, client service, generational work cultures, and many other ‘smart skills’ allows our clients to bring the firm members along the journey to profitability.

Our goal is to create a teaching environment that can be handled internally as well.  We will create your own firm university for you to have as on-going teaching tools for your firm members.

The Catalyst Compass Program is a teaching  program provided for our clients who want their attorneys and non-lawyers to achieve a high degree of personal and professional self-mastery.   Smart law firm owners invest in their employees by fostering a development of the skills that drive a firm internally.

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