Law Firm Leadership Development

Leaders are made, not born

In 2001 we began preaching the art of leadership development in law firms.   Over the years we have been gratified to see national professional associations report on law firms who are making leadership training a part of their growth and development of owners, partners, lawyers and firm members.

We start first with the owners of the firm to provide the foundation of the art of leadership so you can lead your high performance team through change.  In a high performance work culture people want positive leadership that can interpret the vision and define the expectations. The members of the high performance team want to an opportunity to contribute to the law firm and they want to know how to win the game.   Catalyst with you will then train select members of the law firm to be leaders who will have the task of developing new leaders, developing a positive work culture and realizing the vision.

Motivating Others

Redefining a law firm is a daunting challenge. It requires a strong commitment from the leadership with defined goals and objectives. It requires the highest form of leadership; that of motivating others to follow your vision with your values to achieve success and profitability.

While the task of creating a high performance law firm can seem daunting, in the end you, the owner, can create a law firm that is well organized, well managed, profitable and one that will withstand the test of time.   We teach you how to talk to employees, provide expectations and set measurable results.  We show you how to get your team to commit to your vision.   We help you define yourself so that you move forward each day with stability and assurance you are leading your firm in the direction you want to go.

From the beginning to the end, Catalyst can walk the path with you, designing your infrastructure and teaching you and  your firm the new way to profitability and success.


Catalyst begins and ends with defined vision and values.  Many lawyers have legal skills.  Few lawyers have taken the time to develop personal and professional sef-mastery skills that allows you to be in control when chaos occurs.   All our long term clients go through our self-mastery retreats so that we know we are all heading in the right direction.   Learning the theory of self-mastery, coupled with development of emotional intelligence skills, puts the right people on the right track to leadership.

Associate Leaders’ Retreat

There is more to developing associates that teaching them legal skills and profit generation.   The cost of growing strong associates means that you must find out if they have the ‘right stuff’ to justify the firm’s commitment.  Associate Leaders’ Retreats are 3 day retreats that involve self-mastery, emotional intelligence theory, and basic leadership skills.

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