Law Office Management: Audits and Analysis

Our years of helping law firms, we have quickly discovered that  the first call to Catalyst is because there is some crisis within the firm or there is a vague sense that ‘things are not working’.   The owner(s) are frustrated and there is no passion and joy coming to work.   The practice is always in feast or famine.  To master your firm you must know exactly where you are through clear objective eyes.   With this information we can help define and design a path for self-mastery to firm mastery.

Assessment of Needs

Before we start formal strategic planning we determine where you are now.  Catalyst uses several assessment tools like SWOT* analysis, personality assessments, financial analysis and one-on-one interviews. One or more of our principals visits with your firm for two or three days. We meet privately with attorneys and key staff, review technology, examine financial information, processes, procedures, and statistical information to get an over-view of how your firm works. We find out what everyone truly believes, what they would like to see, and how your firm works. We then meet with the owner or partners and find out what is their vision for the firm. With this information, we make recommendations for the firm and if it is a need can offer ways Catalyst can help.

Owner’s Viewpoint

The key component to the Audits and Analysis is in the end what do you, the owner or partner, want in the law firm.  We listen.  And when all is said and done we give you a real time look at where you and your firm stand with recommendations of what we think would be a path to the success you want.

Catalyst may or may not be a part of the on-going solution but our goal is to provide you with a very honest assessment of your firm along with some recommendations.

*SWOT:  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

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