Legal Management: Building Values & Vision

We start with you

It starts with our clients and how they view life and want to view life as they figure out where they want to go.  Working with our own interactive program we build our ‘Triangle for Success’ through a process that develops your personal dreams and vision and then builds a professional career to deliver the type of life you dream about.

We help you define your core values

Values are the anchors you will use when you find instability of purpose.  Values bring you back on track. The foundation for success in a high performance team (and a high performance life) is to understand what drives you.  Core values are the basis for all your decision making and what will bring you the most stability.  Catalyst works with its clients to help define the core values to serve as guides as the journey begins.     And Catlyst teaches you the art of shared values in surrounding yourself in your personal and professional life with peope of similar value who will have a vested interest in your success.

We find your vision

With the foundation of core values, Catalyst helps convert dreams to reality for its clients.   The art of vision making requires the ability to expand one’s mind and believe that anything is possible.   Creating a vision for a life well lived as a lawyer and as a individual takes skills and patience and the reward in the end is a defined picture of where you want to be.   Clarity of vision is a crucial ingredient to building a high performance law firm.  People will follow you if they know where you want to go and how you intend to get there.
Please look at the Catalyst values.   We feel very strongly about our own core values and we surround ourselves with clients who share a similar belief and philosophy.   We want to be successful too!

Our favorite way to describe the good life for our clients is simply this:

Living in the place you like
With the people you love
Doing the right work
All with purpose

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