Law Firm Mergers, Acquisitions, Alliances

Opportunity knocks sometimes before you have a chance to define your own strategic plan. Or it may be strong strategic plan has your firm expanding by merging, acquiring or development alliances with other law firms. Because Catalyst believes in values based businesses, it is crucial that the new relationship has at its core similar values and visions. We hope you believe this as well.

A Blending of Values and Vision

We start first with the owners of each firm and make sure there is a common blending of values and vision that will allow a solid on-going relationship. We will look at both firms from top to bottom, from financial to performance reviews, compensation, governance, case management and human resources and work culture. We look at client service proficiency and how work product is delivered.   We will assess whether or not there is a strategic and culture fit of both firms so that you have a strong change of success.   We will work with the leadership of both firms to see if there is a working relationship that can blend common values and long term planning.

And if you decide to move forward we can advise you on what type of additional experts you need to involve  ensure that you are fully protected and there has been a complete disclosure of all financial or ownership issues and assets acquisition.

We can stay involved to  ensure that it goes smoothly and has at its base success for both sides.

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