We always say that ‘consultants tell people what to do’ and ‘mentors teach people what to do’.    Catalyst is focused on mentoring; a transfer of knowledge from us to you so that you can walk your path with good tools.   We provide one on one mentoring for both personal and professional goal setting.   We become your objective third party source to bounce ideas off of and help you focus.  We even ‘hold your feet to the fire’ so to speak when you commit.  We create a mentoring plan that supports your goals.

We believe there are three types of people in this world.   When approaching a 5 mile high cliff the first runs to the edge, looks over and says ‘I can’t do that no matter what!’.  The second runs to the edge of the cliff, looks down and says ‘if I put on a parachute I can safely land!’…and the third simply runs to the edge of the cliff and leaps assuming he or she can learn to fly on the way down.   Catalyst is the parachute you need when leaping off the ledge into life personally and professionally.

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