Outsourcing HR for Law Firms

Outsourcing is a Think Outside the Box way to control HR rising costs!

Catalyst proudly claims it outsources in America.  Because we believe in controlled costs in law firms we also believe in utilizing outsourcing as a way to reduce HR costs but deliver more effective ways to get the work done.  Technology has given us the tools and Catalyst has found the way.

Over the years we have found that when law firms look internally the majority of the work is task based.  Unfortunately law firms tend to hire highly skilled people rather than process based employees.  You only have to watch a highly paid paralegal standing at a copy machine to realize that we have to leverage every HR dollar to be competitive.

We have a belief you can outsource anything from lawyers to process based workers.
We are glad to suggest alternative ways to control HR with our clients.
We even believe you can outsource management and we help effectively manage law firms from our corporate offices.

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